Sunday, March 6, 2011

SuperIma Sunday Check-in: the Eerie Moving non-Panic

Maybe it's because I'm used to being panicked about something, but I am kind of freaked out by how calm I am about this move.  See, David's firm is paying for the movers to pack up our house.  We didn't even have to ask, it's just part of the package.  Everyone is telling me to go ahead and let them pack, control freak that I may be, because 1. It will be easier and 2. If anything breaks in the move, they are responsible.

So here I sit, in a house that is more or less fully intact, that, three days from now, will be all packed up and on a moving truck.  It is kind of a crazy feeling.

Of course, we are happy to be moving back home, so that adds an air of relaxed giddiness to everything, kind of like when you are finished with finals and ready to go on break.  I say "kind of" because of course David still has to go to work and I still have to...well, go to work.

I think that both of us got a full night's sleep for the first time in a long time this past Shabbat.  Even though it was the National Day of Unplugging, I took the opportunity of a well-rested husband with no work to do (so he was available to entertain the children) to do some long-neglected work on my writing for pleasure.  I got down almost 3000 words yesterday, and it felt really good.   Then I went to the library to find some audio books for our car trip.  I am beside myself - BESIDE MYSELF - at this fabulous find, that will keep me in guilty-pleasure listening land for quite some time.  (I love you Maggie.)

As for letting the laundry slide?  I tried, friends, truly I did.  But by Friday afternoon the mountain was just too unbearable.  And unruly.  Seriously, one afternoon all I wanted was to find one undershirt for Asher, and despite the pounds of clean laundry overflowing onto the floor, I couldn't find a single one.  I broke down and folded and put away it all, in a marathon one-and-a-half-hour session.  David was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

But other things did slide, don't worry.  For example, my non-perishable groceries sat in the middle of the kitchen floor on Friday until Nesyah finally raided them.

(She is obsessed with Bamba.)

This week is going to be completely insane.  Everything is going to slide.  We will probably eat more Chipotle and pizza than is reasonable, which I'm saying is fine because we've done a really good job of using up almost everything out of our freezer and fridge.  There will be almost zero food waste with this move, thank God, so a couple of expensive takeout dinners due to transition are not going to phase me that much.
(love to watch my girl eating pizza like a champ)

I'm still going to write.  Every day.  I'm at an exciting point in my drivel and adding to it makes me feel so, so happy.

So, SuperImas, check in!  Was your week at least a little bit sane?  What's your plan for the next week to keep yourself out of crazyland and in some state of calm?

You are doing a great job, all of you.  (((HUGS)))  And high fives!

***Stay tuned for the Check-In next week, when I come to mind-blowing conclusions about how/why I've managed to do almost nothing pertaining to my chosen career (rabbi, remember?) in almost a YEAR!  I know, oy, right?****


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