Sunday, March 27, 2011

SuperIma Sunday Check-In; S-L-A-C-K-E-R

Hello, friends!  First I want to say that I LOVE YOU.  Yes, you.  Don't be freaked out.  I just truly, truly appreciate all your fabulous comments of love and support on last week's check-in.  They mean so, so much to me.  But I literally didn't have a single second this week to reply to your comments.  Here's why.

Well, this week was an epic fail.  EPIC.  I'm not even going to try to sugarcoat it, or anything.  I didn't make a single comment on a single blog like I said I would.  Friday, when David finally got here, I was depleted and exhausted.  That was an understatement.

My kids are having a super-hard time with the move.  Well, really, Rami's doing fine.  And Nesyah is teething.   So that really just leaves Asher who is having a really hard time.  He cries.  A lot.  He is stuttering again.  A lot.  He is regressing with potty training.  A lot.  He wants to sleep with me.  A lot.  You know how my "me-time" usually happens after the kids have gone down to bed?  Well, for the past week, within an hour of the kids going to bed, one of them is up again.  It's either Asher or Nesyah, and every single night, the solution was taking one to bed with me.  So that meant I was literally with one or more of my children 24 hours a day for five days in a row.

Yeah.  So there's that.

So, I have a bummer-of-an-update on one of my Conversations about Things I could be Doing as a Professional. They said "Thanks, but no thanks." It is a bummer, but here's the thing. They interviewed a dozen people, and only brought two back for a final interview. They were really impressed with me, they said, and are interested in bringing me in for some part time gigs, pretty much whatever suits my fancy. And they gave me some really great feedback. And, me not getting this job? Totally makes sense, because I'm not nearly as qualified as the candidate they chose in either education or experience. My other Conversation is still ongoing, incredibly. I may not have anything solid to announce about that possibility till after Passover (argh!) But! I am planning a more heartfelt and revelatory post on the Professional front next week, so stay tuned (Did you know I'm a RABBI? Yeah.)

Then, on Saturday the universe (or four people in it) conspired to make me relax, and that was awesome.

Today I finally caved to something David's been wanting me to do for weeks.  He keeps telling me to escape to Starbucks for an hour or three, to do some writing, reading, or just plain sitting, all alone.  "But I am an introvert," I protest, "and I like to be at home with my couch and my blankets and my supply of snacks." (All totally true.)  So I stay home, try to read or write, and eventually become involved in some toddler sharing or diaper change drama, and the whole purpose is defeated.  But today, for unimportant reasons, I HAD to leave the house.  So I took  my trusty little netbook and my wallet and went to Starbucks.  I ordered some coffee and some coffeecake and....

it was incredible.  I drank the majority of my coffee while it was hot or warm.  I listened to entire songs at a time.  I wrote over a thousand words in a state unbroken by anything unrelated to my story.  It was so awesome and so restorative.

So this weekend, when David gets in, I'm going to do that again.  Maybe both weekend days.  I'm feeling a little giddy.

Of course, when I got home, children were half naked, I was behind on the laundry, no one had eaten lunch, and our part of my parents' house was a complete disaster.  But that's okay.  It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

So, how about you, my dear Supers?  What is your goal to make your life a little more sane, and to help you bring some satisfaction and fulfillment?  And what are you going to be okay with letting slide a bit to allow it to happen?

Love you all.  You're doing a great job.


  1. oh, how wonderful that you found some ME time. well done, FI! I'm afraid I lean more in the other direction...could you tell me to DO something instead of let things slide for a change. ;)

  2. David is awesome :) Us Super-Imas sometimes need encouragement (meaning -- A BIG GIANT PUSH) to take care of ourselves for a few hours a week. GOOD FOR YOU for taking time to take care of YOU. YOU deserve it!

    I also slacked. I didn't go to the grocery store ONCE last week. Worked on cleaning out my freezer for Pesach instead.

    Otherwise, I'm with Dmarie. I need a much, MUCH better schedule. I have a hard time figuring out where my day goes sometimes, and I seem to have a lot more to do than I have hours to do it in.


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