Monday, February 28, 2011

SuperIma Sunday Check-in: Better Late than Never?

Oh, friends.   I can't believe I missed the check-in yesterday.

I had it all planned out.  Fly to Indianapolis on Friday morning, get picked up, drive two and a half hours to Dayton for my sister's bridal shower. Pizza dinner Friday night, Saturday morning spa and lunch, co-host, decorate, and coordinate Saturday evening dinner.  Super-early Sunday morning, drive back to Indy, hop on a plane.  All this with the baby. Land in Kansas City just in time to drive straight to the synagogue for their 100th Anniversary Torah dedication with David and kids in tow.   Get home,  give the children a snack, go back out for weekly grocery shopping.  Edit 160 photos from the weekend and post to Flickr. Write the SuperIma Sunday Check In.  Work on some writing for pleasure, which has been sorely ignored..

Flights were on time, the baby didn't fuss, I looked fabulous, I did get the photos from the shower edited and posted, etc.

(we looked this put-together and happy for about 10 total minutes this weekend)

It all worked out perfectly, until I got home from the Torah ceremony mid-Sunday afternoon.  All I wanted - ALL I wanted after two days of baby puke and plane rides - was a hot shower.  So I took one.  And then I felt sick, like that exhausted-in-your-head-and-stomach-and-nothing-you-can-do-about-it sick.  It was five o'clock.  I sat down with Rami to watch some TV, just for a little bit, and woke up at 11:30 PM.   I scrolled through my Google Reader on my phone, saw that sweet Shannon had posted her check-in, thought for half a second about getting up to post mine, and fell back asleep again.

Yeah, it was crazy.  And it still is.  The house-finding insanity should be tied up today, even though it meant that we had to make some pretty creative child care and travel arrangements to make it happen. The good news is that now the move is only a week and a half away.  The bad news is that the move is only a week and a half away.  I have to coordinate all the moving services, prep subs and lesson plans for the teaching job I'm leaving mid-second semester, and prep for a job interview (!!!) tomorrow night (!!!!!!).

BUT!  I am still committed to my SuperIma sanity.  I'm letting the laundry slide (what's new?).  But this time my excuse is that I'm sorting through what  we absolutely must take with us and keep for our seven-week sojourn at my parents' house in Dayton (our house isn't available till May,) and what can stay on the truck for that time.    And I'm still working out and writing every day, which are my two little islands of calm in this tempest of moving a family.

Okay, SuperImas, check in!  What are you letting slide to make way for some you-things this week?


  1. When the choice is sleep or blogging, always choose sleep.

    Good luck on your move. Moving is stressful.

  2. I can NOT believe you are leaving in 10 days. I am very sad, Leigh Ann. You were almost my friend :(

    Do you have plans for Shabbat?

  3. Let's just say those cuddly puppy pictures did me in.

  4. @Shannon - THANK YOU! I will be on the ground all day this coming Sunday, so I will DEFINITELY post.

    @Mara - :( I consider a "friend" someone I would call to leave my kids with at the last moment in an emergency and not worry that they would hate me, or all to gripe to and...not worry that they would hate me. SO I would call us friends. And yes, incredibly, we do have plans for Shabbos. :(

    @Kate - I know you said that you are not *quite* ready for a baby, but that does not mean you are not ready for a puppy. Just sayin'. ;)

  5. oh, my, what adventures you are going through...and seven weeks of challenging adventures to come! Hubby & I had to live with my folks early in our marriage when waiting for a house. But we survived and are all still on good terms to this day. *phew* Hope it's all smooth sailing for you and yours & you find some fun along the way!


    I'm so excited that you're coming back to Ohio, first of all. Although we will still not live in the same city, at least it will be a relatively easy drive (2 hours each way IS even realistic for a day trip, every now and then!)

    Also, I have to agree with Shannon, that if the choice is between sleep and blogging, sleep should win. However, I must say that I spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THE COMPUTER. Seriously. And I *still* don't blog as often as I'd like to. What the heck I'm doing then, I don't know...but...THIS WEEK I'M GOING TO GIVE UP SOME OF THAT TIME ON MY PC. Seriously, I might actually be able to get some laundry done or clean or do more yoga or make a salad (you'll notice though that I baked, even though I didn't make a salad, lol).

    *phew* Now that I've said that, someone's gotta hold myself accountable.

    Finally...LOVE AND HUGS to you all. Seriously. And I'm hoping to be in Columbus in May, maybe just in time for your move to your new house, so maybe I will get to see you then, and we can reintroduce our two little cherubs.

  7. Wow Leign Ann...what a whirlwind! Let the laundry slide, it's not the end of the world right? I can feel your exhaustion, but you still exude tonnes of energy!!! Good luck with everything!!!

  8. @Dmarie - SURVIVAL TIPS would be much appreciated. I'm waiting with baited breath.

    @Hal - YES! We will have an extra room so you could even come for Shabbos some Friday. Best of luck getting off the the computer, I know what an INSANE time suck it can be. <3 you.

    @Rain - That really means a lot to me *blush* Thanks!!!!


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