Sunday, October 3, 2010

On This Week's Menu: Recovering from the Holidays

Well folks, long time no see (blog)! Turns out that mothering 3 under 3, getting settled in a new place, and starting a part-time job with almost zero childcare leaves little time for blogging. Over the past few months, I've prioritized our family blog since it's the keeper of memories for my ducklings. At least that blog has seen a handful of posts since the summer.

There's nothing like meeting up with a kindred spirit to re-inspire frugal blogging pursuits. I was fortunate to find myself in the same sukkah as Mara from Kosher On a Budget for dinner over the holiday. Before I knew it we were talking kosher meat prices, emergency savings accounts, and our Jewish love for the Christian Dave Ramsey like old friends. She told me about her hopes to monetize her blog and that got me thinking that it would probably be good if I could manage to at least post to mine, given that it's just sitting around using up perfectly good cyberspace otherwise, and other blogs not only have posts but also work hard enough to make some money, goshdarnit.

So, enough rambling. Between our trip to Pennsylvania (where we ate out a lot and also filled Gram's fridge and freezer for her) and all the chagim with their fancy meals, our grocery budget was 50% more than usual ($600) in September. This month I'm cutting back the weekly budget (which is normally $100) to $75 to try to compensate, but since there are 5 weekly shopping trips, not 4, that still adds up to nearly a regular month's budget (5x$75=375.) *sigh*. We'll be eating a lot of beans and cheap meals and cleaning out our deep freeze to make it happen. (Just like my new friend is planning, yay!)

Sunday: black bean quesadillas

Monday: whole wheat goat cheese and carmelized onion pizza (with salad, if I can get a good sale)

Tuesday: split pea soup with whole wheat jalapeƱo rolls

Wednesday: whole wheat spaghetti with challah garlic toast and steamed peas

Thursday: pierogies with Sauerkraut and onions with steamed broccoli

Erev Shabbat: roasted chicken breasts with chickpea orzo and challah

Shabbat lunch: egg salad and tuna salad sandwiches

Saturday night: spinach-and-four-cheese lasagna with steamed broccoli

I already have most of these ingredients on hand, so I'm planning on a cheap shopping trip this week! Shavua Tov!
(Head on over to my original menu plan post to see why I plan a whole week's meals at a time!)


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