Saturday, October 16, 2010

On This Week's Menu: Halfway through October and right on track!

Hey folks, everybody shout a warm Welcome Back to me and my menu plan!  I know we've been gone for two weeks after I came on this blog and said all kinds of gorgeous things about how I was going to start using this blog, actually using it, for real, and hey, look, it's two weeks later now and not only have I not frugal blogged (and only baby blogged once) but I also have hardly gotten any sleep. 

So, awesome for both you and me.  Not.

The good news is that, in addition to "Slow and Steady Wins the Race," We are also *more* than on track for our decreased grocery budget for October (cue angels singing!)  For week 1 I dropped just $50 on groceries and last Sunday's trip (week 2) was $71.  I made a pre-Shabbos stress trip on Friday and picked up a good amount of stuff, which may or may not have included gorgonzola-stuffed olives (but also squash! and yams! for the baby!) for $16.  Still, for all three trips, coming in a few bucks under on average for each week.  I splurged on Chipotle tonight, adding $13 to the mix, so we are right on track. 

This week will be another cheapie, as we're still working our way through our freezer stash and eating super-frugally.

Sunday:  Pasta with spicy peanut sauce, green peas, and poached chicken breast (we have a lonely piece of chicken stashed in the freezer from a few Shabbats ago just longing for this sauce)

Monday: Tuna Casserole (I sneak veggies into this so it's a full meal)

Tuesday: Vegetarian chili from our freezer stash over rice

Wednesday: Spaghetti with Marinara and steamed broccoli

Thursday: Whole Wheat Pizza with carmelized onions and goat cheese (yes, we have this every week, nom nom)

Shabbat Dinner (Friday night): Schnitzels, Israeli Salad, Orzo with seasonal veggies

Shabbat Lunch (Saturday afternoon): Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, Bagels, and green salad

Motzei Shabbat (Saturday night): David's in charge.  I don't ask any questions.

Shavua Tov everyone - Have an awesome week!

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