Sunday, May 1, 2011

SuperIma Sunday Check-In: The Epitome of Fed-Up

Nesyah hasn't been sleeping.  At all.

That's not true.  She's sleeping from about 8:00 to 1:00.  Then she wakes up and decides that she wants to hang out.  So she stands up in her pack and play and yells - literally, yells - until someone gets up to get her.  We're talking full on tantrum.  And  bringing her to bed with me doesn't work, because she doesn't want to sleep, she wants to play.

Now, we are a Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child family.  It's always worked for us in the past and we think that Dr. Weissbluth is a genius.  We really don't have an issue with letting kids cry a bit (unless they're sick or there's something else wrong, obviously.)   But during this transition time, we're all sharing a room, which means that if Nesi wakes up, everyone wakes up, and I'm the only one with a hope of sleeping through it.

Last night, I was up with her, playing, from 12:45 to 4:15 AM.  I tried to sleep on the living room floor while she played, but she pulled my hair and scratched my face.  She finally looked drowsy at 4:15 and we were both able to fall asleep on the living room floor.  I slept for another few hours, thanks to David watching the kids, but when I woke up?  I'm not going to lie.  I kind of felt really angry towards Nes.  I kind of hated her a little.  And I definitely didn't want to see her or deal with her.

That really freaked me out, so I called my sister, and she said that I needed one full night's sleep.  And that she and my brother in law would be happy to have Nesyah stay the night.  So, at 6:45, off the Princess went. It's not even 9:00, and I am SO SO excited to tuck in and sleep until 6:00 when I have to get up and go retrieve her.

I'm pretty sure I'll love her a lot more tomorrow.  Just saying.  I'll probably love my sister about 1000 times more than I thought possible, too.

Also!  My Important Friend in The Publishing Industry wants to see a FULL MANUSCRIPT *jaw drops to ground*

Last week, if you remember, my SuperIma Sunday goal was to write like a madperson and get him two chapters.  I did it, thanks to my incredible team of beta ladies, and he liked it.  But I just barely got in under the wire.  Like, we're talking late Friday afternoon.  In order to accomplish that, I did lots of super easy dinners, laundry went unfolded, and I only vaccuumed once.  Eek.

It's going to be another few weeks of that.  Everything's gotta slide.  But I'm so, so excited. More on that later.

What about you, sweet Supers?  Did you meet your goals last week?  What is on tap for this coming week?  What's going to slide so that you feel a little more you-ish?

Also, please visit my sweet friend Shannon, who I've never met in real life, but who unfailingly posts a SuperIma Sunday check-in.  She's got an incredible giveaway going on, which you should enter, and she's basically the most popular blog on the whole world wide web*

*or, rather, she should be, and she's getting pretty close.


  1. Auntie Al to the rescue!!! Seriously, Alicia is amazing. She makes me wish I had a sister...but only if my sister were like her.

    Sorry Nesi hasn't been sleeping well :( I understand exhaustion all too well, and shudder when I imagine the exhaustion of having 3 kids so close in age.

    I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you regarding your book! I have been working on those first two chapters. I know I'm uber slow right now (sorry) but I hope that you can use some of it when I get it back to you anyway. I'm happy to help more in the future, too, if you want and don't mind that I can't turn it around super quickly right now.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. I hope you're dreaming peacefully :)

  2. Thanks for the very sweet shout-out!

    That whole sleep situation sounds TERRIBLE. I have sooo been there with getting mad at a kid for not sleeping. The worst is that the kid gets over it a lot more quickly than you do.

    BTW I never volunteered to help you with your manuscript, but I'd love to if you still need it. I worked as an editor in educational publishing, and although I edited math books, I think the editing skills might still apply.

    (BTW sometimes I don't leave comments because I encounter technical difficulties commenting on Blogger blogs when the comments are embedded in the posts vs. a separate pop-up window. So, don't think I don't love you.)


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