Sunday, April 10, 2011

SuperIma Sunday Check-in: Squeezing In

Hey, my sweet Supers!  I hope you had an incredible week.  Ours was another whirlwind, so what's new?

We have been at Chez MyParents for almost four weeks now and we're still making adjustments.  We were occupying two bedrooms next to the master bedroom.  As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Asher and Nesyah haven't been sleeping through the night and my mom was having a really tough time with the sleep deprivation, so we packed everyone up and moved into my high school bedroom downstairs.  It's large for one person, but put in two queen-sized beds, a pack and play, and the big red chair my dad had in there, and there's really about five square feet in which to do actual walking around.  It's...challenging.

The good part is that there's a big screen TV and my kids love to veg in bed whatching DVRed Hulk or Iron Man episodes (thanks, Dad!) while I'm doing morning and evening activities.  The bad news is that they only really will sleep in there unless I'm in there too.  Which means that I am now with my kids LITERALLY 24 hours a day.

Also, we just found out our house in Columbus doesn't open up until May 15th.

(I'll just let that sink in.  Itiswhatitisitiswhatitisitiswhatitis.)

I'm trying to take a lot of deep breaths and remember that this move has been hard enough on my kids, and I'm not going to move them to another temporary arrangement before the permanent one.  Because I am a good mother.  Really.  I am.

This week was Insane because on Friday, MY SISTER GOT MARRIED AHHHHHHHH!

Here is her handsome groom who I love and adore and have a snobby book club with:
98/365- In Love

And here is my sweet baby sister!!!!
98/365 - Married

She was pretty much the least bridezilla-ish bride ever, and threw a beautiful wedding on a pretty tiny budget. So I am super-proud of her.  I may ask her to guest-post about it.  I pitched in by designing all her paper goods, from save the dates to menus on the table and everything in between .  And producing the cute ring bearers and flower girl, of course.

This week we are trying to detox and reset.   The weekend was just nuts because it was Thursday rehearsal dinner, Friday wedding, Saturday huge family dinner.  My kids didn't make it to bed before 10:00 any night, and they are totally cooked.    There's also a lot of cooking for Passover on the agenda, and remember, we are all sharing one room (!) so "sanity time" is going to be pretty hard to come by.   My goal is to write for a solid 15 minutes every day (I know, such a small goal,) even if it means flipping open my lap top in a pitch black bedroom after they've all fallen asleep.

What about you, SuperEveryone?  What are you going to do to help yourselves feel more sane this week?  And what's gotta slide in order to let you do it?  Have you been succeeding with schedules?   Building some more structure into your lives?  Consciously taking more time for yourselves?  Let me know!

You are doing an AWESOME job.  (((HUGS))) from me.


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