Sunday, April 17, 2011

SuperIma Sunday Check-in: Maybe Possibly Big News (?) Edition

I guess if it's only "Maybe, Possibly" good news, then it's not really news, huh?

Anyhoo.  You know how I was doing all that writing for pleasure for my Project 365?  The very writing I promised to spend 15 minutes a day finishing up during my SuperIma Sunday check-in last week?  Well, not 12 hours after I declared that promise, a friend of a friend of a colleague who is poised to be in an Important Position in the Publishing Business emailed me asking for a summary of it (called a "query letter" in the Publishing Business, if you're keeping track,) and then shortly after reading it, the first two chapters!!!!


This Important Person who read the query letter told me that it was "all kinds of win," which is a phrase I'm pretty sure has never been used in reference to me or anything I've done before.  That is really awesome, I guess, even when you consider that I never even really planned to ask any Important Publishers to consider printing my drivel, and thought maybe possibly it would one day be quietly posted to Amazon in Kindle format for $2.99 for some bored teenagers to accidentally one-click purchase.

The only catch is that I should probably finish the durn book and clean up those first two chapters REALLY well before I send them in, right?   So, who wants to beta read for me?  Anyone up for a little amateur YA scifi romance something-or-other?


Also, there is the typical ho-hum pre-Passover mania going on. I made, like, four dozen matza balls today, and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

This week, I'm going to finish my writing for pleasure.  Hopefully.  Probably.  If you'll beta read for me.  And my kids will probably watch a lot of TV.  ('s a holiday, right?  So that's okay?)

What about you, my awesome SuperBeta readers?  What are you going to do to make your life a little less crazy this week?  Let your spouse clean up after seder?  Eat matzah PB&J all week?  Something non-Passover related?

And what's gonna slide?

I adore all of you.  You're doing a great job.

P.S.  Everyone PLEASE go read my fellow SuperIma Shannon's blog because not only is it riveting and hilarious, but she's kind of bummed that she's slipped inexplicably in the Technorati rankings, and there's only so far my 20 clicks over to her page can go.


  1. I would love to read for you...a little YA scifi will go a long way to counterbalance reading a strategy textbook. (I'd pay way more than $2.99 for relief from THAT particular genre). Chag Sameach!

  2. I would be happy to read for you. Chag sameach!

  3. I would love to beta read! :) You inspire me to finish the 60% novel I have been looking at on the shelf for years.

  4. Meeeeeeee! I wanna be a reader! Count me in!!!!!!

  5. I'd like to read it too - you could get a perspective for the UK market! Only thing is, if so many people read it now - there'll be no-one left to buy it!


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