Friday, November 19, 2010

Food Waste Friday: Another Shameful Trio.

Every Friday I post a photo and little story about food my family has wasted in the past week. Why do I do this? To make a long (Jewish) story short, the mitzvah of bal tashchit (don't waste stuff) plus the Jewish value that G-d is HaZan et HaOlam (The One who provides enough food for all of His creatures) equals any food waste being a total slap in the face to both my tradition and HaShem. Not okay in my book. This is my self-imposed accountability.

Hey everyone, remember last time I posted three food wastes in a week?  And swore it would never happen again.  Um, yeah.  Easier said than done.


1. Roasted potatoes from Shabbos. These poor little roasted potato-lets never got eaten....lesson learned: I need to roast the potatoes in larger chunks. They are much tastier that way (I did that Monday night) and they go like hotcakes.

2.  Honey cake muffins, circa mid-September.  These were from a batch of about two dozen, most of which were quickly gobbled.  These got shoved to the back of the freezer at some point.  They looked okay, but tasted sad.
3.  Hummus (ACK!!!)  This is the worst.  The expiration date is from two months ago.  Clearly I need to quit buying and make my own a la Mara, so that I can make hummus in the quantities we'll actually eat before forgetting about at the back of the fridge.

Thanks for another week of keeping me honest, everyone!  Shabbat Shalom!

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  1. That poor thing of hummus looks all too familiar! I have thrown homemade hummus in the freezer before it's gone bad, and it's pretty good after you thaw it in the microwave. The texture wasn't very different.


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