Sunday, January 9, 2011

SuperIma Sunday Check-in.

Oh, ladies!  What a nice little community of SuperImas we're creating over here.  It warms my heart to see that we all need something and somehow our virtual presence is encouraging us to just get it DONE, already.

Quick update on me:  I saw the doc last Monday, he thinks that I'm probably experiencing some gallbladder distress (ya think?), but he wanted to do an endoscopy to make sure I didn't have an ulcer or, you know, cancer.  Actually, he said he wanted to "scope me," which sounded kind of intriguing until a split second later when I realized what he really meant.  Anyhow, a few hours later I was anesthetized, a camera got shoved down my throat, and at least my stomach and esophagus got a clean bill of health.  (Yessss.)  Next up is an ultrasound, and not the kind I get excited about, and some test to make my gall bladder squeeze to see if it makes me feel sick.  And then if my gall bladder acts and/or looks funky, it gets an eviction notice.  So, a few weeks till we really have any news on that.

 I'm still on a no-fat diet and still feeling more or less okay.  B''H.

In baby-cuddling news, I really did make a concerted effort to love on my babies a little more, and I want to say I netted at least half an hour more  than usual each day on just snuggles and playtime.  Any time Asher asked me to snuggle, or Rami held up his arms for a hug, I did it.  Well, about 90% of the times.  So that was a win.

For this week's SuperIma resolution, I'm going to really focus on doing some more of that writing for pleasure I mentioned a few weeks back.  I've decided that writing is going to be my new Project 365 for this year (even though I'm still going to do the 365 photos, I need something new.)  I started scribbling some stuff in December, and I've been writing a few hundred words every day since then.  Now I've got 20,000 words worth of one story sitting on my computer.

I want to write every day. Even on the worst of days I can get a hundred or so words tapped out on Evernote via my smartphone.  I figure if I average 500 words a day (I've ranged from 300-1500 in one day) for the next 22 weeks, I have something novel-length (about 100,000 words) that I might want to work on some more for the rest of the year.  It might be awesome and it might be drek.  But at the very least, it will be 100,000 words of a story, which is 100,000 more fiction words than I've ever written.  And I think that would feel pretty good.

This week I'm going to make sure I write for at least 30 solid minutes (read: during naptime) each day.  If I can swing that, I might move it up to an hour a day the next week.

So far, I've heard from you ladies:  Momof3 wants to go on more walks, Halli wants to give a little extra love to her baby.  Rachel's trying to get a handle on some organizing and home maintenance stuff.  What's everyone else up to?  What TLC do you need for yourself, and what can you give up to make room?

Have a great week!


  1. I am a big proponent of writing every day. It makes a real difference.

  2. Leigh-Ann, first-great post. second-are these the kinds of writings that we will be able to enjoy. three- I hope you are feeling better soon and you get the answers you need to be back in tip-top shape :). four- I applaude your efforts here, I am currently working on being more attentive to Logan rather than passing his needs and cuddles to the side in order to "get things done". I am having a HARD time balancing work, school, friends, family and stress since moving and ughhhh I am just overwhelmed. I feel terrible about how I've handled life basically since the move and I am trying to relish in what I've got instead of what I had. Good luck on this journey!!! <3

  3. glad you're writing made me chuckle over a Dr. visit, so you've got talent that ought to be fed. Read b4 about writing a book in 30days, 1,667words/day, no edits, & thought that would be fun, nerdy word-lover that I am. Pls keep us posted on your word&health challenges. I'm working on my New Year's challenges to spend less/save more, eat from my own pantry in Jan., and find a homemade cracker recipe worth repeating. Wish me luck!

  4. I haven't had a chance to comment yet about the SuperIma posts (is being too busy at super-ima-ing a valid excuse?!) but wanted to tell you that I am so glad you are writing about this. As a fellow introvert and generally bookish person, I hear you, oh do I hear you. I'm also finding that I really want to take a few years away from outside work to be at home, and am thinking through what that will feel like. So I have been reading along with great interest!


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