Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On Being a SuperIma

I hear it a lot.  I am SuperIma.  I appreciate your admiration and your props, folks, I truly do.  And I just want to write a blog post all about it.  Yes, it's true.  I am SuperIma.

If being a SuperIma means that I am speechless when my son tells me he wants me to go to work, and don't have the first clue about how to teach him not to say that again.  Ever.

If SuperIma schleps her boy to an age-inappropriate movie so that she gets a chance to see it before it hits DVD.

If SuperIma leaves crusted snot on the baby's face when she is laid down for naptime, because wiping it off would wake the baby, and that is just not okay right now.

If SuperIma serves spaghetti-Os to her children for dinner one night.  And then boxed mac and cheese another night in that same week.

If SuperIma forgets, on occasion, to do dinner prep, and weeps about it while SuperAbba boils spaghetti.

If SuperIma leaves her wide-awake boys in their bedroom for an extra 45 minutes so that she can squeeze in a workout.

If SuperIma doesn't scrub the downstairs toilet one week in the name of getting just 5 more minutes to herself in the downstairs shower.

If SuperIma yells (yes, YELLS!) at her child when she is frustrated that he just. won't. toilet train.

If SuperIma squeezes the baby into pajamas that are undeniably too small, because the prospect of digging through boxes to find the next size up is just too overwhelming.

If SuperIma notices a streak of dried snot or smeared banana on her couch cushions, and shrugs and sits down on it instead of wiping it up.

If SuperIma regularly makes a second pot of coffee after lunch just to find the energy to cheerfully get through the afternoon.

If SuperIma sometimes pours herself a different kind of drink the second she hears Abba walking in the door at the end of a long day.

If SuperIma sometimes thinks, like seriously thinks, about checking into a hotel for the night so she can just get away from it all.

If SuperIma only includes one photo at the end of her very long blog post, and that photo is of the disgusting state of her house where she ignores it all while blogging, because that is all the photographic energy she can muster.

Yep.  I'm SuperIma.  And so are you (or, you know, SuperAbba, as the case may be.)  And here is your high-five.  And hug.  Way to go, lady.


  1. smiled through the whole post and STILL smiling!! (lost the first comment I tried to send, but it's worth it to try again.) btw, still smiling...picturing my own daughter as a little baby in just-barely-fit pajamas. great post!

  2. well said. props to all of us supermoms ;)

  3. Bless your heart! I love that picture. LOVE IT. Love it SO VERY VERY MUCH.

    High five, Super Ima!


  4. Great post, we all need a little reminder once in awhile, that we're not the only ones. Thanks for sharing what we all try to hide.

  5. thanks for your posts! they make my day. and thanks for the picture - the blanket fort made me smile. tonight, a glass of wine while preparing dinner (half imbibed before abba made it home with the kids), made it possible for me to get through the evening and bedtime, solo, while he went out for grown-up time.

  6. It's amazing to me how we see things SO differently:
    SuperIma would let go of the small stuff (snot that can be cleaned later) to allow for the important things to take place (nap).
    SuperIma would realize that her break is good for the kids as well and she can clean up later.
    SuperIma would realize that making dinner from scratch most of the time is amazing enough and the rest is fine.
    SuperIma knows that HP rules! And who said that Ashi isn't amazingly gifted for his age and that, while it might not be for others his age, he is Ashi after all.
    SuperIma is the creative Ima you are, that is human and loving and shows feeling and gets frustrated just because she is doing so much but it never feels like enough to her.
    Love you!

  7. Haha that is hilarious! Laughed the whole way through. FUNNY! And I totally relate to your list.


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