Sunday, April 25, 2010

Parenting Frugally: What Babies Need

As we (b''H) welcome a new baby into our home, I'm remembering what it was like to prepare for our first baby about three years ago.  It can be very difficult for unseasoned parents to figure out exactly what baby needs to make it through his or her first year healthily and happily.  In the age of the internet, lists of things that we "need" for baby are easy to come by - and overwhelming to say the least.

The vast majority of things on these lists are unnecessary for a few reasons:
- You already have them (i.e., antibacterial handsoap, lotion, laundry detergent) or
- they are dangerous for baby (i.e., crib bumpers, comforters) or
- you don't really need them (i.e., wipes warmers, burp cloths, diaper pails, pacifiers, shoes, toys, baby towels, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum)!

So, are you ready?  Here is the Frugal Ima's simple and comprehensive list of Things Your Baby Really Needs, in order of importance:
1.   You.
2.   Something to eat.
3.   A safe place to sleep.
4.   Something to wear.
5.   A safe way to get from one place to another.

Here's how we fulfill this list in our house, in case you're really curious:
1.   You. - Ima and Abba.

2.   Something to eat. - Nursing, and the occasional midnight bottle with generic (yes, generic!) formula to let Ima sleep a fair stretch.

3.   A safe place to sleep. - A pack-and-play with bassinet insert.

4.   Something to wear. - Just some onesies - it's warm outside!  And, of course, diapers.

5.   A safe way to get from one place to another. A correctly-installed infant car seat, used by both brothers but never in an auto accident.

Isn't that amazing?  You can have happy parents, happy baby, AND a happy bank account all at once.

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